Modern multi-generation family communicating and smiling while having Thanksgiving dinner together

Count Your Blessings

🦃Happy Thanksgiving🦃 to all my U.S. friends and to all my global friends it’s still a great day to count your blessings!

My wife and I have been pondering and having conversation on what are the top 5 blessings in your lifetime & why? This is an excellent topic for you, your family, and your friends to ask as you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday. It’s what I’m calling Turkey Table Talk.

Celebrating good news is more important than how you respond to bad news. – Shelly Gable

Research by psychologist, Shelly Gable reveals that celebrating good news is more important than how you respond to bad news. If you want to strengthen your bond with other people ramp up your excitement, approval, curiosity, and genuine recognition when that person shares a blessing (aka. win, success).

Sure it shows empathy and support when you help someone with their pain, loss, or bad news. However, research is clear that people crave to share their blessings with others  and to have others genuinely engage with them in their triumphs.

Just this week I experienced one of my best blessings so far. Our home mortgage was paid off! Yep, that’s right – no more house payments.

Curious what my other top 4 blessings are? I’d also love to hear what your top 5 blessings are and why? Share with me and our Strengths community how these blessings help you and your crew at your Turkey Table Talk focus on the good news when our world is so filled with the bad news.

Let’s talk! Leave a comment, or connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Register for the 10X Biz Challenge

10X Monthly Biz Plan Transparent Image

While you’re counting your blessings from this past year it’s important to plan for both blessings and challenges for the future. Whether you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, or coach, I have a plan and journal that can help you through that. And soon I’m sharing more about that plan with anyone who wants to know more.

Register today for the 10X Biz Challenge to start planning future ways to add blessing to your coaching and business for 2022. This event is a gift to you from me. It’s a resource with 10 areas of business development to help you focus on what makes the greatest impact for your business. Along with this resource, on Dec. 8th I’ll be giving a 90 minute webinar to introduce how to use it.

Professional man burned out at the holiday from work

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Or is it? This song, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, made popular by singer, Andy Williams, has been used in several movies and sung every year by millions. Yet, 72% of Americans have stated they “don’t feel joyful during the holidays.” Our health statistics back this up. More people have heart attacks in December and January than at any other time during the year!

Since I’m from Texas, let’s say leaders need to practice the Texas two-step which takes two.

  1. There’s technical support. I remember starting my first eZine and asking for technical support. A virtual assistant, YouTube videos, and other resources can support you where you are technically challenged.
  2. Next, there’s emotional support which is usually counseling, mentoring, or professional coaching. It’s here where you get encouragement, feedback, and a listening ear. If you’re looking for support for your leaders and managers, here’s a workplace resource.
  3. Finally, there’s practical support. Need a home organizer to declutter your space? Hire one. Need a friend to watch the kids while you go on a date night? Ask.

Asking for help is a sign of strength.

Two people working together is much more potent than one working alone.

Bah Humbug!

You have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head and Hallmark living room scenes setting your expectations. And then…the holidays don’t look perfect in your house. Perhaps you’re dealing with blended families. Maybe the primary bread earner just received the pink slip. Many families have medical emergencies or mourn the loss of a loved one who isn’t sitting around the table with them this year.

Whatever is happening in your family that has it resembling a horror movie instead of a Hallmark highlight with a happy ending, it’s okay. Managing your expectations and giving yourself permission to feel and express your emotions can help you navigate the holidays.

Reevaluating your expectations and establishing new traditions based on how your family looks and engages with one another can help future holiday gatherings look picture-perfect. You may not be sitting around the fireplace with the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg dancing through the room as everyone laughs with pure joy. Let’s face it–most of our families do not look like a Hallmark movie!

As Americans we live with stress–not only during the holidays but all year long! This makes it difficult to enter into the holidays, a time of the year that produces more stress for many people. Part of entering into the holiday season with joy is to eliminate stress from other areas of your life.

As a leader in your home and family, here are some tips to help you survive and enjoy the holidays:

  • Think in terms of balance and moderation. Unfortunately, alcohol, food, and activity can be overdone and out-of-balance, giving your Texas two-step a stumble.
  • Rediscover the true meaning of Christmas, and make the holidays “Holy days.” Eliminate the focus on commercialism.
  • Practice heart-felt holidays. One of my favorite gifts of all time is a collage my dad gave me entitled “Tell Me ‘Bout the Good ‘Ol Days.” This is a treasured piece that reminds me that my family experiences Hallmark moments.
  • Don’t be a “sugar daddy.” It takes the average American home four months to pay off Christmas debt. Talk about heart attacks!

If you want this holiday season to be the most wonderful time of the year, practice some of these tips and find your perfect way to celebrate. If you need coaching support to grow your business without zapping your joy of the holidays, two-step with me here.

Entrepreneur working at a barThere are three simple steps to launching your dream, a 7-figure coaching business. Launch. Leverage. Lead. It’s important to follow each step and complete the previous step before moving on to the next. Just like building a home, you lay the foundation, then add walls, and finally secure the roof.

4 Keys That Must Be In Place During Each Step (4Fs)

  1. Focusing: shift from reacting to taking action. Stay focused on what’s important. Multi-tasking and having a “plan b” isn’t going to help you build a 7-figure coaching business.
  2. Forwardthinking: an entrepreneur must stay ahead of the curve in business, and within the industry as a whole.
  3. Failure: every successful person will tell you to get up one more time than you fall. To develop a 7-figure coaching business, you will make mistakes. Keep learning, find a mentor, and take responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to fail; be afraid to not own your mistakes.
  4. Forgive: you will have clients, nay-sayers and others wish you harm, take offense, or otherwise hurt you. Forgive them and stay focused on your goal.

As my hero Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul says:

“You can’t let another person’s words diminish your dreams. You must feel the fear, move past it and build a different reality.”

Let’s build your reality.

The 3 Step Formula in Creating a Successful Coaching Business


Get Clear and Discover Your Brand
You can build a coaching business by targeting any niche. Choose a niche that uses your signature strengths, which are your top five strengths in Strengthsfinder, and serves a clientele that you enjoy working with. The more clear you are, the easier it will be to attract your ideal client.

Develop Package, Pricing, and Business Model
Who you serve will strongly influence the prices you charge and what offerings you include in your package. For example, serving soon-to-be college graduates and coaching them on their career path would mean you charge them less than a high-performing executive and a college student probably needs quick, targeted coaching whereas the executive desires a long-term coach. Take a look at the coaching packages I’ve designed to get ideas.

Determining a Marketing Plan That Leverages Strengths
What signature strengths do you have that you can leverage to serve the client? Someone with ideation or adaptability may find great joy in working with a young startup company that needs ideas and creativity. On the other hand, someone with discipline and focus may not be able to support a startup that is continually pivoting out of necessity.


Deploy Sales Strengths
Leaning on your top strengths can help you during your sales calls. After all, you want it to sound like you. Whether you operate with a command strength or empathy, be authentically you. You will attract people who need that strength to work through their challenges and help them create breakthroughs. When your brand, your sales call, and your coaching are congruent, you can leverage your authenticity to grow your coaching business.

Design Website and Deepen Coaching Presence (LinkedIn)
Every business needs a web presence, and your coaching business is no different. Design your website and encourage people to engage with you. Several ways they can engage with you through your website are to download a valuable resource, sign up for your newsletter, or read and comment on your blog posts. However, for them to engage, you’ll need to add these elements to your website. These elements will become part of your sales funnel that will grow your coaching business to 6 figures and beyond.

Determine Marketing Plan That Leverages Strengths
There are thousands of coaches that have built a coaching business; however, there are thousands who struggle, and after months never get their first client. What’s the difference? Just as an architect draws a house plan before the house is built, you need to draft a business plan and a marketing plan before the business can be built. Of course, you can build a house or a business without a plan, but not well.

Incorporate your strengths in your marketing plan. If you have woo and positivity in your signature strengths, why not have a YouTube channel and let your personality shine? This will attract customers. If you are a relator, perhaps you invite people to a brief live webinar. Let them experience your gift of being able to connect, and they’ll happily apply to become your client.


As I mentioned earlier, there are many coaches, yet some never get their business off the ground, and others limp along with just enough clients to keep them hanging on. Yet, to build a 6 or 7-figure coaching practice, you need to lead well.

One of the ways to show leadership, and let potential clients know, like, and trust you is by writing a book. This book becomes your calling card and can help you utilize a second tool of leading in your coaching business, speaking engagements. These two tools in your tool belt enable you to become known and trusted. This will magnetically attract your ideal client to you and you will build a coaching business with much less effort than it takes to attract the wrong type of client.

In Closing

There are three easy steps that anyone can use to create a thriving coaching business: launch, leverage, lead. Without implementing what is required in each of these steps, it will be nearly impossible to create a thriving business. However, by incorporating these steps and tapping into your core strengths to design a business that’s perfect for you, you can grow a 6 or 7-figure business relatively quickly. For extra credit, do an action item daily for 9 weeks. You may be surprised that you will attract a client. Use the comment box below if you have any questions about launching, leveraging, or leading.

Businesswoman motivating her team members in a meetingThere’s one asset we all have a limited amount of: time. There’s one non-renewable resource: time. If time is such a valuable commodity that’s limited and non-renewable, it would make sense that we would spend it wisely.

Leaders attract those with positivity and healthy, balanced emotions. Conversely, a neg-aholic is one who’s always focused on the negative, complaining, blaming, and being the “Debbie downer” in the room.

Jerry Slayton, my tennis coach, inspired me with these words:

“It’s not your aptitude that determines your altitude; it’s your attitude.” I quickly responded, “I can have an attitude!”

After 26 years of competitive tennis, I have learned that attitude transforms neg-aholics into leaders–or underdogs into top dogs.

As I pursued my Master’s Degree in Psychology, I understood this within the context of IQ versus EQ. IQ is your aptitude, EQ is your attitude, and success is your altitude. Research tells us that 70-80% of our success is due to our emotional intelligence. You can have all the smarts and IQ in the world, but it’s much more challenging to achieve success if your attitude is sour.

Men, I have some news for you. You may not want to hear it. The women have a head start on us. It’s proven that our EQ is far more important than our IQ, and women have been socialized to develop their EQ while men pride themselves on their IQ.

Our EQ is divided into 5 main components:

  • Your self-awareness and ability to identify and label your feelings.
  • Managing your emotions and having the ability to balance between stuffing and spewing your feelings. One with Intellection® can get introspective and analyze why he’s feeling the way he is, allowing him to process and handle his emotions well.
  • Motivating yourself. Jimmy Conners said, “The will to win is inside of you. You have to bring it out.” For a Maximizer® or Achiever® this is easy. However, we can all do it! Think back to elementary school when your teacher initiated a competition, whether it be the first to write the correct response on the board or the last one standing at the spelling bee. If she offered the winner a free ice cream in the lunchroom you were motivated. How can you motivate yourself?
  • Recognize and acknowledge others’ body language and feelings. Someone with the strength of Harmony® can do this well because they try to connect rather than causing conflict.
  • Handling relationships. Brian Tracy says, “85% of your success comes from relationships, 15% comes from your achievements.” A Relator® finds deep satisfaction in having deep relationships. While this may not be a dominant strength for you, draw on your Relator® or any of your relationship-focused strengths.

Game, set, match.

If you want to play with confidence, serve others well, bounce back after a defeat, and win in life, keep climbing the ladder of emotional intelligence.

What would those you interact with every day say about your emotional intelligence? If life is out of balance, others would score you low. Get support, deal with stress, and learn to have authentic, meaningful relationships.