5 Steps to Optimize Your Strengths in 2020

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So here it is 2020.   What are you going to do with it?  Like many people you probably have a list of resolutions to make this year the best year ever. Also, like many people, you may know what your Top 5 Cliftonstrengths are, but do you know how to optimize your strengths to create the 2020 that you want?

We usually build our list of resolutions on our weaknesses. This year let’s start differently, building on our strengths instead of just focusing on our weaknesses. Being more intentional about learning your Strengths will move you toward creating life and work that you were born to do.

Your Top 5 Strengths are more than just a theory or a nice-to-know. Your strengths help you learn what you naturally do best, where you have the most potential, and what makes you unique. Here are five steps that will help you use the customized results of your Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment to make meaningful choices, address challenges, and create the 2020 that you desire.

  1. Personalize your top 5 signature strengths. You can probably list your top five, but that is not the same as knowing them. Learn what each strength is about. For example, if Learner ® is one of your top five, know that it is in the Strategic Thinking category. Check out the Clifton Strengths page to find out about all your strengths.
  2. Customize ideas for action. Use the dashboard that is customized just for you on the Gallup Access platform. On this dashboard, you will find resources and tools that will help you use your strengths to build the 2020 you want. Your customized CliftonStrengths reports and guides help you discover how to create a life using what you naturally do best.
  3. Vocalize your strengths to describe what you do best. Now you know what each of your strengths is and how they make you unique. Use your strengths vocabulary when talking to others to communicate your needs, wants, goals, projects, preferences, etc.
  4. Deputize undervalued strengths in yourself. Most of us downplay the power of our key Strengths. Give your strengths authority, bring them into the spotlight and do the powerful things you were born to do.
  5. Optimize with a Strengths Strategy plan. Use all the information about your strengths to create an action plan for an optimal 2020. Click here if you would like a complimentary One Page Strengths Strategy Handout to guide you.

When you know and are secure in your value, you can take action to use your strengths and advocate for yourself. By taking action you will be more engaged and have the tools you need to create the 2020 you want.

How are you going to optimize your strengths to build the 2020 that you want?

Please let us know in the comments below or schedule a free Ask Brent Anything to talk with me if you have questions about how to optimize your strengths.


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      Brent O'Bannon says:

      Thanks for sharing Marvin. Did you download your complimentary one page Strengths Strategy Handout? The link is found in the blog article.


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