Accessing Your Iceberg

13276dbsk8cmoh5What is your subconscious saying?

Oceanographers say 88% of an iceberg is below the surface while only 12% is visible. Sigmund Freud theorized that our behavior is mostly unconscious.

Life success is 88% about changing our subconscious programming and only 12% about achieving conscious goals.

Writing, focusing, and achieving your conscious goals is only the tip of the iceberg. Your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and patterns will either sabotage your success or be the instinctive power to life success.

That is why I’ve been coaching my clients to create a “Strength Script.” This script focuses on your top 5 strengths and becomes a daily mantra that strengthens your subconscious and is a guide to achieve your conscious goals.

We can create your Strength Script in 3 telephone coaching sessions. Email or call me if you are interested at [email protected] or 903-819-0301.

Coaching points:

  1. What unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and patterns are sabotaging your success?
  2. Do you know and are you tapping into your natural subconscious strengths for life success?

Brent O’Bannon creates momentum for outrageous success. He is known as America’s Momentum Coach for individuals, couples in business, and companies. For more information go to and

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