Emotional Intelligence and Success

Do you want to build a new friendship or strengthen your marriage? Need to repair conflict with a co-worker? Dream of having the self confidence to speak up for what you want? Researchers at UCLA report that success in life is 20% intellect…

11 Burnout Factors and How to Fireproof Your Workplace

Is your workplace prone to burnout? Creating a work/life balance is not just an employee's job, it's their boss' job, too.  That's because the workplace plays a pivotal role in one's balanceability. Whether you are a small business owner,…

7 Secrets to Networking Success

  What dynamite daily activity can balance your business, build referrals, and boost your income?  Networking!  Check out my lucky 7 secrets to networking success: 1.  Build Your brand Effectively networking with others starts…

10 Reasons for Life Coaching

Coaching gives you perspective, accountability, and real life solutions for life success.

10 Romantic Date Ideas for Work at Home Moms

Recently, when a panel of work at home moms were interviewed on Momversation, an editorial feed and online women's community, about the role that date night played in their marriages, all the work at home moms on the panel unanimously agreed…

The Success Script

Create a daily mantra called, "The Success Script" to create change and achieve your dream life using your top five strengths.

5 Styles of Conflict

How do you handle conflict? Most of us use a variety of styles depending on the person, the situation and our stress level. How we deal with our spouse at home is likely to be different than how we deal with our boss in the workplace.

Lessons from Dog Sledding

Magnificent are the Canadian Rockies near Canmore (where they filmed Dances with the Wolves). Spray lake is nestled close to the Three Sisters (mountains) with a picturesque view. In this white heaven is where Snowy Owl Tours gave my friends,…

Strengthen Your Marriage

Marriage is like a combination lock; your job is to find the right numbers, in the right order, so you can unlock your love potential.