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Have you met someone that seems to always be picking up a new skill, new hobby, or new career?  Do you wonder what makes these people so curious about learning so many things?  These people may have the strength of Learner®.

People with the Learner strength are not interested in learning because it offers a certificate or degree, but simply because they love the process of learning. Learners want to know about the world and what makes it work, and they can’t get enough. Sometimes we call them professional students because they are perpetually taking classes. Learners benefit from understanding their unique learning style. Some people learn by reading or watching, and others learn through experience—a kinesthetic approach. Self-awareness is critical, especially in terms of how a Learner learns best.

Ideally, Learners could track their learning as a means of building self-confidence. Tracking their continuing education units, how many books they’ve read, how many people they’ve interviewed, or all the data that they have discovered helps build the confidence to teach others. Learners love novelty. They can be the folks that help others embrace and enjoy change.

Latham Shinder is one of the highest-paid memoir ghostwriters in the country and also my business mentor buddy. Latham loves learning architecture, business, storytelling, and even technology. He’s studied architecture from Kansas State University, the law in Zimbabwe Africa, and business at California State University.

Latham’s learner strength has helped him become America’s No. 1 Memoir Ghostwriter who loves writing the memoir of doctors, multi-million, and even billionaire entrepreneurs. He says, “it is what I think of as “personal experience, lessons learned” books.”

Using his love of learning and aiming it to writing has made Latham the highest-paid memoir ghostwriter in the world. From his home in Colorado, he works to write these books with a personal narrative that reads like a New York Times Best Seller. A war memoir, a business memoir, and a medical memoir that ebbs and flows like an edgy thriller. People who feed his love of learning. If you check out his website at, you will see from the comments of his clients that Latham delivers maximum quality for a smooth $400,000 per book.


What are some ways that you can leverage your Learner strength to make a living doing what you love? 

Learners should take advantage of continuing education programs at their workplace. If you are a Learner, find out if your employer is willing to pay for your education so you can reach that next level of learning and career success. Learners are also good friends of technology because technology is constantly changing. Remember, as with any strength, it’s important for Learners to focus their abilities in one or two expert areas. Learners should find areas where they will shine, where they can grow stronger, work smarter, live richer.

How will you monetize your learner strength so that like Latham you can be one of the highest paid at whatever your heart desires? 

Tell me your thoughts below.  Are you stuck with how you might monetize your strength in your career?  Schedule your Ask Brent anything call and get that forward motion.

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  1. Lela Meinke
    Lela Meinke says:

    Learner #1 and I believe it is my money-maker for sure.

    I will never forget the day I was in front of a classroom in my beginning days at Sacramento State University teaching, and I was feeling a little insecure. (“What if they ask me a question and I don’t know the answer?”)

    And then it dawned on me. My Learner IS MY SELF-CONFIDENCE. If I don’t know something, and I want to know something, I set out to learn about it. I may learn from people or books or doing or, or or.

    In that moment, I moved to a new level of BEING my strengths. It’s safe not to know. It’s ok not to know. It’s great not to know. There is always more to learn.

    Thanks Brent. What I learned from the above is to be self-aware about my unique learning style.

    And great, great congratulations to Latham.

  2. Claire Kent
    Claire Kent says:

    Learner is #2 for me w/Connectedness as #1 and Achiever as #3. I have been teaching in a college environment for over 30 years. It has been a very satisfying career, but I find myself wanting to do one more thing that feels “freeing” and fully utilizes my strengths. Monetizing is important, but it’s also important for me to feel called to a new endeavor.


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