Moving Forward in 2021

How ready are you to end 2020 and move forward into 2021?

Are you ready to hit the gas pedal? Does that feel overwhelming for you? In whatever space you are in, using your strengths can guide you into a new year that, as crazy as 2020 had been, will have an equal amount of hope and optimism for 2021.

Before moving forward into 2021 can you celebrate your gratitude’s, wins, and successes for 2020?

Which projects did you complete? What skills did you learn? What relationships were strengthened? How did you optimize your finances? What results were you most proud of in work and life? Go ahead write down your year end review and share with someone else.

For me my Relator® strength kept me most resilient this year. 1st with God, 2nd with my wife, 3rd my kids & grandkids, 4th with my clients, mastermind & CEO peer group, and finally with my inner circle friends and tennis buddies. These relationships were nourished & multiplied my strength. I’m so grateful for YOU – my tribe!

Moving forward practicing talent-mindfulness needs to be in front of our plans for 2021. With all that we have been through this past year, focusing on what is right with people and having those conversations is super important. Building those connections in yourself and others, so we remember our worth and don’t feel alone, is now more important than ever. Your ability to give this gift of skill to others is where your strengths lie. You are not alone in this time of growth and change. I am honored to walk forward with you through this.

The workplace changed forever in 2020. We have had to learn how to lead from a whole new space. With virtual one on ones and conference calls, you now have to gauge your team’s performance from a distance. Knowing your team’s strengths and how they work is more valuable now than ever to help you lead from a distant place.

Your team’s engagement and strengths are essential to their success as we move into the new year. How can you become more engaged with your strengths in 2021 and help others to do the same? Over the first few weeks of 2021, join me here as I walk you through some of the many free worksheets & tools I have available for you on my website and how you can use them.

The time is now, and the energy’s here, the enthusiasm and hunger for re-imagining strengths.

Now more than ever, it is the time to have conversations that focus on what’s right with people. And giving them the skill to find that focus.

Strengths have transformed people’s lives. One of my colleagues loves to tell the story about how surprised she was when Strategic was one of her Top 5. She said she had never thought of herself as strategic, but she talked to her friends about it. They were surprised she didn’t see herself that way because that was how they saw her. For her, it was as if seeing this in her Top 5 gave her permission to be strategic. She began to call on this strength in her business and personal life. It made a huge difference in both. She felt more confident as she moved forward in projects and meetings.

Finding her Strategic Strength helped her transform the way she worked and interacted with others. Which of your strengths will you use to move forward in 2021? How will you help others to find transformation? Tell me about it in the comments below. As we walk through the free worksheets tools over the next few weeks, you can begin to make your action plan. If you have a specific question you would like to talk with me about, schedule your free Ask Brent Anything  call.

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