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  • One Page Strengths Strategy
    Would you like a Powerful One Page Strengths Strategy Plan to Optimize Your Vision? Click HERE
  • 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal
    Download your copy to grow & set goals for 10 area’s of business development. Click HERE
  • Maximize Your Strengths Worksheet
    Discover how to maximize, mobilize, & monetize your strengths. Click HERE
  • 5 Styles of Conflict Assessment
    Learn if you’re the turtle, teddy bear, shark, fox, or owl & how to leverage your strengths. Click HERE
  • Discover Your Coaching & Career Niche
    Determine your unique niche, define who your ideal client is, & how you’ll help your clients. Click HERE
  • Pricing & Packages Worksheet
    Align your money mindset, value proposition, pricing, & product packages offerings. Click HERE
  • Southwest Airlines Case Study
    Learn how CliftonStrengths, employee engagement, and culture lead to becoming world-class. Click HERE
  • Reducing Turnover Case Study
    Learn how to reduce turnover 41% with strengths, leadership, & employee engagement. Click HERE

Podcast Interviews With Brent

  • Professional Christian Coaching Today
    Chris and Kim interview Brent on Strengths-Based Leadership & Teamwork in June 2022. Listen HERE
  • Wonderfully Made TV Podcast
    Lisa Mladinich interviews Brent in April 2022 on Strengths and Spirituality. Watch HERE
  • Corporate Caffeine Podcast
    Dacia and Kyle Coffey interview Brent in April 2022 on The Psychology of the Workplace. Listen HERE
  • Arete Coach Podcast
    Severin Sorensen interviews Brent in February 2022 called The Strengthspreneur®. Listen HERE
  • The Brokerage Inc. Podcast
    Gillan Boyer interviews Brent February 2022 – How entrepreneurs & business leaders Kickstart Your Year for Success with the 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal.
    Listen HERE
  • Gallup Called Coach - CliftonStrengths Success Story
    Jim Collison interviews Brent on February 2022 on Think Like a Strengthspreneur® : Growing Your Coaching Business.
    Watch HERE
  • It’s Your Community Podcast
    Vanessa Denha Garmo interviews Brent in January 2022 on how to create a business strategy with the 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal.
    Listen HERE
  • The Jeff Crilley Show
    PR guru Jeff Crilley interviews Brent December 2021 on the war on talent, strengths, & the great resignation.
    Watch HERE
  • Professional Christian Coaching Today
    Brent is interviewed August 2021 on new ICF Coaching Competencies – #6 Listens Actively. Watch HERE
  • Becoming an Accredited ICF Coach
    Charlotte Blair hosts a panel of ACC, PCC, and myself MCC ICF accredited coaches. Watch HERE
  • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast
    Josh Elledge interviews Brent O’Bannon September 2020 on Using Your Strengths to Achieve Success.
    Watch HERE.
  • We Are VIP Podcast
    Casey Hasten interviews Brent O’Bannon February 2020. Watch HERE
  • The Understanding Personality Summit
    Mandy Keene and Mike Ryan interview Brent O’Bannon September 2020 about how strengths is used in hiring, managing, & leading a team. Watch HERE
  • Empowered Mindset Summit Interview
    Irina Tarasenco interviews Brent O’Bannon on Discovering Your Strengths To Be Empowered. Watch HERE
    Larry Roberts interviews Brent O’Bannon November 2018. Watch HERE 
  • Star Coaches Podcast
    Meg Rentschler interviews Brent O’Bannon on Selling Strengths April 2018. Watch HERE
  • Soar Webinar Interview
    Rhonda Boyle hosts interviewing Brent O’Bannon August 2019 on How to Create Multiple Streams of Income in your Coaching Business. Watch HERE
  • Career Advancement Success Summit
    Gia Ganesh interviews Brent O’Bannon on Building a Career on Your Strengths. Watch HERE
  • Professional Christian Coaching Today
    Hear Brent O’Bannon’s virtual presentation on Multiplying Strengths for Kingdom Results September 2020. Watch HERE
  • Professional Christian Coaching Today
    Brent O’Bannon is interviewed February 2018 for the 3rd time on PCCI on Strengths-Based Coaching. Watch HERE
  • Professional Christian Coaching Today
    Chris McCluskey and Kim Avery interview Brent O’Bannon September 2017 the 2nd time on The Successful Coach. Watch HERE
  • Professional Christian Coaching Today
    Brent O’Bannon is interviewed about ICF and Master-Full Coaching best practices. Watch HERE
  • Maximize Your Strengths Podcast
    Alissa Daire Nelson interviews Brent O’Bannon September 2016. It’s All About FOCUS. Watch HERE
  • Be Brilliant Enjoy the Journey Podcast
    Voice America TV & podcast with Irma Vargas 2018. Watch HERE
  • Gallup Called to Coach Special Summit Edition
    Gallup interviewed Brent O’Bannon as a July 2016 Gallup Summit speaker on Generating New Business through Public Speaking. Watch HERE 
  • Gallup Called to Coach (2nd interview)
    Watch Brent O’Bannon being interviewed the 2nd time February 2014 on Gallup’s Called to Coach. Watch HERE
  • Gallup Called to Coach (1st episode)
    Listen as Brent O’Bannon is interviewed as the world’s 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Coach July 2013. Watch HERE

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