Selling Strengths

Are You An Executive Coach, Life Coach, or Aspiring Professional Coach?

If so, this Amazon #1 Best Selling book is for you.

The aim of this little book is simple: To get you paying clients. 

To do that, I’m suggesting a radical change in the way you sell yourself and your coaching services. The easiest way to get paying clients is by identifying, using, and promoting your greatest strength—by leveraging who you are.

The next time you approach a potential client, why not be yourself? Why not be the best of yourself? Sure, prepare for the meeting or call. Spend some time studying, preparing, presenting your coaching ideas and services in a concise manner, but work from the inside out.

Focus on you, first, on those actions that occur instinctively and without effort. Then, look outside yourself at your market, your small target of companies or individuals, and finally at the prospect in front of you. 

An executive coach whose greatest strength is Relator, for example, will naturally show a prospect that she cares.

A life coach with a flair for Strategic will seek out clients doing important work, because nothing less will engage him. A business coach steeped in Intellection will consistently inspire a client to think bigger, to stretch, to tackle practical matters with creative solutions. 

None of this is selling in the traditional sense. You see that, right? 

Learn Why the CliftonStrengthsFinder Assessment Matters

Some thirteen years ago the Clifton StrengthsFinder test changed the way we think about work. It changed how managers interacted with employees. And it changed how sales people connected with customers. Selling executive coaching and life coaching services is just one example of how leveraging your innate talent is revolutionizing how coaching services are sold.

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Close The Sale, But In a New Way

What distinguishes Selling Strengths from any other type of selling is that you always start with you—your greatest strength—and you approach each new coaching prospect from this rare perspective. Selling Strengths is about using your God-given talents to build a genuine connection, to break through your client’s organic resistance to being sold to, and finally to double or triple the number of clients in your coaching business. 

About the Author

This little book blends 20 years of my experience as a master coach offering mentoring to other coaches. My area of specialty is small business marketing (for coaches). I offer guidance on identifying your niche, how to market to that niche, and finally how to get paying clients in your chosen niche. And every bit of that advice is centered around leveraging your most valuable asset—you—by putting your natural talents and strengths on display for everyone to see. 

Go on. Buy my book and read it. or check out my 9 week Coach Business Builder Masterclass. You’ll be glad you did. 

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What Positive Psychology Coaching Guru’s are Saying

caroline adams millerSelling Strengths, based on the science of positive psychology, offers an excellent approach to achieving all of your goals that many are sure to find useful.”

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP
Best Selling Author of Creating Your Best Life

With Selling Strengths you get two books for the price of one: One book about capitalizing on your best qualities and another about effective
marketing. This book is written in an engaging style and offers challenging new ways to think about old practices. Helpful for coaches.”

-Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener,
author of The Upside of Your Dark Side

Recommendation by Andrew Neitlich“So many coaches struggle with business development. Brent makes the process almost effortless by aligning sales and marketing with your natural strengths. Once you understand his wonderfully powerful and practical insights, it will forever change how you attract new clients and grow your practice. It is much easier than you ever thought — and all you have to do is read this marvelous little book.”
Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, Center for Executive Coaching; Author, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches

Sjudykringselling Strengths” may well be the most important book you add to your marketing with authenticity repertoire if you want to attract new clients NOW! This novel look at how you harness your own strengths to teach others how to garner super success with their own is a masterpiece. It’s wisdom balanced with practicality. I love that it’s designed in fun and easy-to read chapters, each one “concise is nice” gems of selling tips that work. And don’t let the small size of this mighty book fool you. Every sentence helps you with specific ideas explaining how you can expand your client-attraction persona. Whether you are a new coach or an experienced one, you will find new options to expand your salesmanship horizons. An A+ read that will translate into more dollars for you and more joy for your clients, too!

-Judy Kring, Ph.D., PCC, Positive Psychology Coach,
Clinical Psychologist

Go on. Buy my book and read it. You’ll be glad you did.

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