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Strengthspreneur® 10X Strategy Workshop

If you’re overwhelmed, but motivated to scale your service-based business, I’ve got an invitation for you today that you will love.

Every now and then, I host a valuable roll up your sleeves working on your business session with me for 3 hours on zoom. It’s not a boring lecture, together we actually work ON your business with a mixture of coaching, teaching, masterminding, hot seats, breakouts, and Q&A. You will meet other amazing Strengthspreneurs® with healthy ambitions, so you will feel like you’re not alone anymore.

On Friday, November 18th, 11 AM – 2 PM CST, my Strengthspreneur® 10X Strategy Workshop Regularly $3,750 is available for a Special Bonus Today ($197). It’s designed to introduce you to the Strengthspreneur® System and give you access to my 10X Strategic Planning tool & journal along with a variety of tools, resources, and an online Strengthspreneur® mini-course.

Here’s the link to register for this 3-hour Zoom event coming November 18th, 2022. Hurry and sign up by clicking HERE.

Are you qualified and interested?

Ahead of time, you will receive a 10X Strategic Planning Tool and Journal and we will actually work ON your business for Friday, November 18th, 11 AM – 2 PM CST on zoom.  
Virtual Zoom Event (Check your time zone)
12 Noon New York • 9 AM Los Angeles • 10 AM Denver • 11 AM Chicago • 5 PM London • 12 Noon Canada • 6 PM Paris/Amsterdam

Our time together will be a workshop, essentially a taste of what I do with my Strengthspreneur® Mastermind clients, in case you’ve ever been curious. You will walk away with many plans and many ideas that will grow your business to the next level.

I will also share about my Strengthspreneur® Mastermind in case you want to continue with my help with everything I teach you during our 3-hour workshop.

To attend, you must meet a few criteria:
1. You are a service-based professional (entrepreneur) like a professional coach, consultant, financial advisor, insurance broker, realtor agent/broker, veterinarian, professional counselor, psychologist, virtual assistant, chiropractor, dance studio owner, social media consultant, attorney, jewelry designer, painting contractor, retail store owner, wedding planner, graphic designer, website designer, fitness trainer, & you get the point. Yes, you can share and refer this event to your service-based professional friends to attend. 

2. You can 100% commit to being in attendance for the duration of the live event. This is a super-engaged, intimate workshop of discovery with me and other business owners, and it would break the flow to have people jumping in and out, while everyone is working on their business. We don’t allow that and you will appreciate everyone’s focus, attendance, and engagement.

3. You understand that there will not be a recording of this event provided afterward; it is a highly participatory, live-only event, a safe place for open sharing without judgment.

Suppose you don’t qualify for this event, no worries! There will be other opportunities better suited in the future.

Ready to register and grab your seat? Just click here to register now.

What is a Strengthspreneur®?

A Strengthspreneur® is a service-based professional or entrepreneur who intentionally uses their strengths to grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer within their lifestyle-based business.

What Is This Strengthspreneur® 10X Strategy Workshop and Online Course About?

Learn how to 10X your business by intentionally aiming your strengths to grow stronger, work smarter, & live richer. That is what it means to be a Strengthspreneur®. 

10X Strategy Workshop Outline: (What you will learn and work on for your business)
  1. Vision – Authenticate happiness, strengths, well-being, success, & mindset
  2. Strategy – Align business strengths, knowledge, skills, systems, & written plan
  3. Cash – Accelerate finances, pricing, profitability, debt management, & money mindset
  4. Product & Services – Activate offerings, service delivery, quality, & innovation
  5. Marketing – Activate brand, online, and offline client attraction system
  6. Sales – Accelerate sales funnel, process, rainmaking, & tracking
  7. People – Accelerate human capital, management, & team engagement
  8. Clients – Accelerate customer engagement, value, loyalty, & follow up
  9. Culture – Align legacy, charity, value, & purpose
  10. Lifestyle – Live with leisure, freedom, & exit strategy

Strengthspreneur® Mini-Course Outline below:

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: Authenticate Strengths
Chapter 3: Align Vision
Chapter 4: Activate Results
Chapter 5: Accelerate Growth
Chapter 6: Thank You & How to Continue Your Journey
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