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Is strengths-based masterminding right for you?

If you check off any of the items on the list below, then YES!

  • You’re launching or leading a service-based business.
  • You want to build your business leadership from your strengths.
  • You don’t want another JOB but a purposeful lifestyle business.
  • You want to lead wiser with entrepreneurial & coaching excellence.
  • You want connection, a tribe, & community.
  • You want to scale your income faster rather than slower.
  • You want a 10X sustainable business strategy.

My masterminds aren’t only about building a better business — with a 10X strategy. It’s about growing stronger, working smarter, & leading wiser. You’ll connect with talented leaders, accountability partners, & a team so YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

3 Strengths-Based Mastermind Options


Strengthspreneur® Mastermind:

Who: Self-Employed Service Professionals, Solopreneurs, & Small business owners.
What: Launch & scale your service-based business with entrepreneurial excellence & strengths.
How: Monthly mastermind is on the 2nd & 4th Monday from 10:30 AM-12 Noon CT.

ICF Mentor Coaching Group with MCC Brent O’Bannon

Strengths Champion Mastermind:

Who: Professional Coaches, Consultants, HR, Learning & Talent Development specialists.
What: Strengths coaching & facilitation mentoring (Get ICF Mentor coaching credit), & become a Strengths Champion Certified Coach®.
How: Monthly mastermind is on the 1st Monday from 10:30 AM-12 Noon CT.

Lead Wiser Mastermind:

Who: Executives, People Leaders, Managers, & High Potentials.
What: Leadership development, Succession planning, Leader self-Care, & Teamwork.
How: Monthly mastermind is on the 3rd Friday 9 AM-10 AM CT.

*Mastermind Bonuses: Each mastermind has an Online Course and Focus Lab 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CT each 3rd Monday monthly. Focus Lab is on the same zoom link for the mastermind. 

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Strengthspreneur® Mastermind

Online Course Included

  1. Discover Your Brand & Niche
  2. Develop Your Business Strategy, Packages, & Pricing
  3. Determine Your Authentic Marketing Plan
  4. Deploy Your Sales & Customer Engagement System
  5. Design Your Best Website & Social Media Profiles
  6. Deepen Your Leadership & Coaching Skills
  7. Differentiate as a Thought Leader with a Book
  8. Deliver World Class Speaking & Facilitation Skills
  9. Dream Your Multiple Streams of Income

Strengths Champion® Mastermind

Online Course Included

  1. Exploring Talents & Strengths
  2. Discovering Your Talent & Strengths
  3. Turning Talent Into Strengths & Managing Weaknesses
  4. ICF Coaching Competencies & Your Strengths
  5. Crafting Your Strengths Leadership Brand
  6. Leadership Domains: Executing Strengths
  7. Leadership Domains: Strategic Strengths
  8. Leadership Domains: Influencing Strengths
  9. Leadership Domains: Relationship Strengths
  10. 4 Keys of Coaching
  11. Masterful Strengths-Based Coaching
  12. Championing Strengths

*Pass Exam to become Strengths Champion Certified Coach®

Leadership Mastermind

Online Course Included

  1. Strengths-Based Leadership
  2. Strengths-Based Partners & Teamwork
  3. Strengths-Based Managers
  4. Strengths Coaching in the Workplace
  5. Deploy Strengths in the Employee Life Cycle
  6. Talent Management with CliftonStrengths®
  7. Accelerate Employee Engagement
  8. Leadership Well-Being Matters
  9. Communication & Conflicts with Strengths
  10. DEI & Psychological Safety
  11. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  12. Leading Generations in the Workplace


“Brent is a superb Coach. He is a great listener and really tunes into your needs, strengths, and goals. I leave our calls inspired, motivated and feeling supported. As an entrepreneur who is starting my own coaching business, I took Brent’s Masterclass and it’s proven to be INVALUABLE. I feel it would have taken me years to learn, through hard experience, the things I have in just a few months. He’s incredibly generous with his expertise, tools of the trade, as well as his coaching. I can’t recommend him (or the Masterclass) highly enough.”

“The systems and tools that Brent has provided me have been critical to my early success as a coach. The difference I find with Brent versus other advisers/coaches is that he pushes you and doesn’t let you off the hook on goals you have set for yourself.”

“Coaching with Brent was a game changer for my business. I was able to get clarity about where to focus my coaching business, and how to reflect that on my website, I learned how to build a presence in my community, and why that was important, and I gained confidence in selling.”

“Just completed the Coach Business Builder Masterclass. All I can say is, “Wow, I have learned so much!” Brent’s willingness to share with the class his in-depth knowledge and best practices for building a Strengths Based-Coaching business has been excellent. In fact, Brent personally coached me through my first proposal for an organization with 750+ employees. My proposal was accepted, and I now have my very first client at a higher pay rate than expected. Without Brent’s wise counsel, I would not have had the confidence or know how to move forward so quickly.”

“Brent’s customized coaching utilizing my strengths has been a critical component in helping me to become a better coach and a true business entrepreneur. He helped me move forward in launching a ministry the past three years–to monetize the strengths coaching into a viable business.”

“The Coach Business Builder Masterclass was an impactful and empowering learning experience! Brent is a world-class coach and it was evident as he mentored us through the foundational essentials to launching a lucrative coaching business. Great resources were shared as well! I can truly say it was well worth my time and financial investment.”

“Brent empowered me with the knowledge and skills that I needed to identify a client niche, to create a powerful business brand and ensure that it was a hit with my target customers, and to focus on activities that resulted in paying customers. Brent is truly a genius call facilitator and I find myself applying information successfully from each and every call that I attended.”

“I completed Brent’s Coach Business Builder Masterclass recently, and it was just the jump start I needed for my coaching practice! Brent is completely open with his business model and offers great perspective and practical tips on everything from coaching certification to how to have a top-notch website, scheduling, and billing system. Even better, I know he will be a friend and colleague for life as I continue to grow and develop as a coach.”

“Upon completing the Coach Business Builder Masterclass program with Brent. I have accomplished more in this 9 week program at moving my business forward than I have in other coaches full one year program. You must be ready to take “massive imperfect action”. We are always fine tuning/polishing who we are ~ imperfect action is better than no action. Nothing changes or moves forward until you do. I highly recommend Brent O’Bannon!!!”

“I recently finished Brent O’Bannon’s Coach Business Builder Masterclass and learned the insider and outs of building a Coaching business. His individual coaching sessions helped me start to my New Recovery coaching business. He guided me through developing a strong niche, set my pricing and strengthen my confidence in making the big step forward in launching my business. His online training’s are amazing and gave me great insight on everything from developing my business to writing a book in order to have credibility. His knowledge is unparalleled and the mastermind was awesome. I would say , it was worth the money and MORE! I highly recommend taking this and learning to have a bigger and better income and clientele. So, don’t hesitate join and get that six figure income or even more!”

“I have had the great pleasure of being in Brent’s Coach Business Building Masterclass, which included a day-long, in-person Mastermind. Such a wonderful day! I feel energized, motivated, and like there’s some real momentum for moving forward. The connection with colleagues was just awesome. And the facilitation and hosting was stellar! In addition I will say the entire class has been worth easily 4-5 times what he charges. Brent generously shares his successes, failures, tips and tricks from years in the coaching and consulting business. And he pushes you to move forward with action steps to take in building your business. If you follow Brent’s recommendations in a short 9 weeks you will jumpstart your business and have a strategy for moving forward.”


Carol Anne McGuire

I can show you how to launch with the same marketing map that helped Carol Anne McGuire brand her business and leverage her books to create the first licensing agreement with Gallup, Inc.

Kathie Gautille

Or how I helped Kathie Gautille to identify a women-of-faith niche and brand her website and other marketing collateral towards greater success.

Alex Wong

I promise to help you as I did for Alex Wong, a Singapore Strengths Coach, to leverage his hobby as a magician to create three new coaching packages, an effective pricing strategy, and a funnel using Meetup to drive traffic to his website.

Anne Weber

I’ll share what propelled Anne Weber to become the first strengths coach in France, the same strategy that doubled her coaching income, and positioned In Men We Trust as a premier business in Paris.

Scott Mackes

And finally, but definitely not least, I’ll show you how to leverage new product development. Just like my coaching protege, Scott Mackes, who created StrengthsMugs which has been leveraged by best selling author Michael Hyatt.