10 Ideas for Playful Balance

Playful balance is important, too!  Here are 10 great ideas for having fun:

  1. Invite a neighbor over for popcorn and a movie.
  2. Pick one local site or tourist destination that you’ve never experienced and do it–this week!
  3. Invite a friend over and wash and wax each others’ vehicle.
  4. Check out the performers in your area and go enjoy with friends or family.
  5. Complete the crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper.
  6. Watch one show on the Food Network and cook what you learn.
  7. Invite and take a friend to try a hew hobby or activity.
  8. Get photos and songs and make a family video.
  9. Organize a game night with your family or friends.
  10. Read funny cards at a store and buy one for someone who needs a laugh.

Which one is your favorite?

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