How’s Your Balanceability? Stage 4

Is there a balance between success and failure?

The topic is balanceability and we’ve been exploring it for the last few days.  Balanceability is the ability to balance your life.  The fourth stage of psychosocial balance, as devised by Erik Erikson, is industry versus inferiority.  This stage is most prominent between the ages of six to twelve years old.  Of course, we have learned that we can go in and out of a stage several times throughout our life.

Are you a person of diligence, productivity, and industry?

A person with high industry has character that is diligent, productive, and industrious. That sounds like a recipe for success! Kids learn industry at home through helping in the kitchen, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, taking care of the pet, and pulling weeds the dreaded weeds out of the flower bed. Industry can also be developed in other places also such as school, church, and sports.

Do you give your children and grandchildren opportunities to learn industry? If you don’t, they will grow up with an entitled attitude and inferiority complex. That smells like ingredients for failure!

Are you a person of deficiency, procrastination, and inferiority?

The truth is, we all are deficient in some things. We have all procrastinated on some projects. We all feel inferior in some areas. We all have experienced failure at some point in our life. A little (not too much) failure is good for the soul. It creates humility. It sparks motivation. It is the sunlight for success. We need a balance of success and failure.

The implicit attitude of industry is,” I’m curious and a good learner. Being a producer excites me. I’ll work hard to succeed.”

The implicit attitude of inferiority is, “I’m closed and not a good learner. Being a producer frightens me. I’ll only work to avoid failing.”

3 ideas to increase success and decrease superiority

1.  Learn more about one area of life you feel is inferior.

A group of my Toastmaster friends were intimidated by stand up comedy. They took a 6 week class on comedy improv and did a performance on the last night.  If you are intimidated by computers, cooking, dancing, dating, investing, singing, speaking, marketing, writing, etc. why not take the leap and learn a little?

2. Improve your work ethic.

Working harder and smarter produces results and a richer life style!  The protestant work ethic is the basic belief that we all have a work calling. Work is worship to God and duty to country. Our diligence at work helps make a difference and creates a better world. Work is healthy for our mind, body, and spirit.

Many people in Generation X and the Millennial generation have a low view of work. They tend to have low diligence and industry. These generations see their parents having material possessions, but not understanding the work ethic behind their wealth. They expect to achieve wealth without work.

If you’ve been loafing lately, it’s time to get motivated and realize you can’t win without work. A garden doesn’t produce without gardening. You can’t build a rich and wealthy life without a work ethic. Go and get to work!

3. Finish one project you need to do and one project you would love to do.

Crossing the finish line is a great feeling! Just ask someone who has run a marathon. We have finish lines in everyday life.  One coaching shared with me how her husband never graduated high school. He is 63 years old and just laid off from his company after 20+ years. Now he is finishing the work for his GED in order to increase his chances of being hired again. How will he feel about himself when he finishes his GED? Do you have a project you’re dreading but need to finish?

What project have you been dreaming and would thrill you to do?

For my good friend Sheila it was traveling with her children. Her oldest child was about to fly the nest and head to college. She wanted to create more positive memories with each of her three children. Her dream was travel adventures. She took the oldest to California, the middle one to the Galveston beaches, and the youngest to Disney World in Orlando. Bravo! She followed through with a dream. Stay tuned, I think there will likely be more travel adventures on the way.

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