Hoist Your Sails – Plug Your Leaks

Hoist Your Sails - Plug Your Leaks

To make sense of strengths & weaknesses, you must hoist your sails and plug your leaks. Strengths are like sails on a sailboat, while weaknesses are the leaks in your sailboat. In fact, weakness-fixing prevents failure and strength-building leads to success. In order to manage weaknesses, I have developed some acronyms to help you understand and apply these tools below.

Donald Clifton who is the inventor of Clifton Strengths said in his book Soar with your Strengths that “managing our weaknesses allows our strengths to overpower them – ultimately making them irrelevant.” Watch the video if you’d like more insight into how to use tools and systems to manage your strengths and weaknesses.

Hoist Your Sails - Plug Your Leaks Infographic

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