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In my morning hour of power, I was reading a book by Laurie Beth Jones entitled, Jesus Life Coach. She shared a story how, as a little girl she was struggling with rejection and feeling unloved. She loved ladybugs and told God if He really loved her to please send a ladybug. At that moment, a ladybug landed on her arm. The ladybug became a tangible sign of God’s love for her in difficult situations. Even one winter as an adult she was stranded in a blizzard and she prayed for God’s help and a ladybug blew onto her coat.

Inspired by her stories, I started praying for a visible sign that God could secretly show me his love. One day after counseling a client, I went for a walk around the block to renew myself in the sunshine. I asked God to show me His visible sign of love. At that moment I looked down and there was a rusty nail. Excitedly I said, “Yes that’s it!” Jesus demonstrated His love by being nailed to the cross. I continued to walk and found another completely different nail. Just before I entered the outside building door I discovered a third unique nail–all in a matter of ten minutes. Wow! God confirmed His love in threes. I’m thinking Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! For several years I’ve been collecting nails and placing them in a mason jar. That jar full of nails is beside my bed and is a daily reminder of how much God loves me.

What could be your visible sign that God loves you?

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