How To Mastermind and Get the Most from Your Hotseat

Learning how to mastermind and get the most from your hotseat is essential for leadership success. In fact, It is the most influential experience that helped me grow my business and grow as a business owner. In a mastermind, you grow, give, share wisdom, and gain as much value as your clients do.

There are 5 important principles in a mastermind:

1. Foster success for each person’s career, organization, business, or area of responsibility.

2. Create a safe success zone by active listening and speaking your truth authentically clear and brief.

3. Remember to ask powerful questions, stay curious, reflect observations, brainstorm, share best practices, and manage time well.

4. Observe and leverage the strengths of yourself and others during the mastermind.

5. Have fun, stretch, grow, and dream big!

The Hotseat portion of the mastermind is your ultimate question to the group. Your hotseat topic can either be an incredible opportunity that is in front of you, or an incredible challenge you are facing.

Watch the full video to learn more about the 8 questions that make up the Opportunity Challenge Framework so you can get the most from your hotseat.

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  1. Holly Magnuson
    Holly Magnuson says:

    This was great Brent! I appreciate the Opportunity Challenge Framework and the timing couldn’t be better. I am hoping to start a Mastermind group with 2 other coaches that have ties to the university I recently left.
    Sorry I couldn’t be there live! Those are so much fun!


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