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Count Your Blessings

🦃Happy Thanksgiving🦃 to all my U.S. friends and to all my global friends it’s still a great day to count your blessings!

My wife and I have been pondering and having conversation on what are the top 5 blessings in your lifetime & why? This is an excellent topic for you, your family, and your friends to ask as you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday. It’s what I’m calling Turkey Table Talk.

Celebrating good news is more important than how you respond to bad news. – Shelly Gable

Research by psychologist, Shelly Gable reveals that celebrating good news is more important than how you respond to bad news. If you want to strengthen your bond with other people ramp up your excitement, approval, curiosity, and genuine recognition when that person shares a blessing (aka. win, success).

Sure it shows empathy and support when you help someone with their pain, loss, or bad news. However, research is clear that people crave to share their blessings with others  and to have others genuinely engage with them in their triumphs.

Just this week I experienced one of my best blessings so far. Our home mortgage was paid off! Yep, that’s right – no more house payments.

Curious what my other top 4 blessings are? I’d also love to hear what your top 5 blessings are and why? Share with me and our Strengths community how these blessings help you and your crew at your Turkey Table Talk focus on the good news when our world is so filled with the bad news.

Let’s talk! Leave a comment, or connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  1. JSB
    JSB says:

    What a wonderful idea!!!
    My Top 5 Lifetime Blessings and why…

    1. God – Faith hasn’t always been strong, and I’m not always thankful for it, but it’s a blessing I have to count. God saved me from myself when I attempted suicide at 17 years old. He saved me from an abusive relationship when I thought I’d never get away. He blessed me with a family and friends that never give up on me no matter how many mistakes I make. He blessed me with unique strengths and certain people who see those and let me live them every day. I’m not perfect, but He is.

    2. My Dad – Passed away from Covid last year and if you asked me this at any other time in my life, I’m not sure he would’ve made this list. But now more than ever I realize the impact he had on who I am. He gave me a strong faith, strong work ethic, stubborn as all get out mentality, and a heart to make everyone my friend.

    3. My Job – It’s hard to find blessing in a struggle, but through it all I have stability and reliability and that is so much more than many people in this world right now. Regardless of the tumultuous journey, my blessing to have always had this is something I have to remember never to take for granted.

    4. My words – Since I was a young child, I’ve always had words to say and to write. I’m rarely short of them. Sometimes they are a blessing and sometimes a curse, but mostly a blessing. I’ll forever be thankful for them, because even when I use too many of them or the wrong ones, they say so much more than I ever could without them.

    5. Hope – It’s the first tattoo I got (against my Dad’s rules ironically). Hope is a blessing that always gives.

  2. Brent O'Bannon
    Brent O'Bannon says:

    Jennie we so appreciate your “Confident Vulnerability” writing and sharing your top 5 amazing blessings! Your blessings not only give you HOPE but sharing your blessings and talents gives everyone around you HOPE! Happy Thanksgiving friend.


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