What is Your Leadership Brand Statement?

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What is Your Brand?

Your talent themes or Strengths help reveal your unique leadership and business brand.

Your brand is how you show up personally and professionally to others; your Strengths-Based Brand is how you appear to others through the lens of your Strengths.

Your clients need to know how your core genius helps them. By creating a clear, concise, memorable brand statement it will help you with 1) Knowing your value, 2) Marketing your product and services, 3) and giving you an actionable signature system of serving others through your strengths.

Let’s help you create your Leadership Brand Statement. and I’d love to see you post your leadership brand statement in the comments below.

Create Your Leadership Brand Statement

Let’s use these steps to develop your unique statement:

  1. List your Top 5 Strengths
  2. Summarize each theme into no more than 1-3 words that describe this theme in you.
  3. Craft a memorable succinct leadership brand statement starting with “I bring…,” “I help…,” or “I lead….”

Here’s my own example:

Brent's Leadership Brand Statement setup: Focus: purposeful goal setting, Individualization: wise coaching, Achiever: entrepreneurial zest, Command: speaking courageously, Competition: training strengths champions


When you combine it, my brand statement reads like this: “I lead with purposeful goal-setting, wise coaching, and entrepreneurial zest. I help others to lead courageously and dare greatly.

Brent's Leadership Brand Statement quote

Here’s another example: “I accumulate continual knowledge in order to spot relevant patterns to achieve much with the utmost integrity.” This would be an example of an entrepreneur who has Input, Learner, Strategic, Achiever, and Responsibility.

After seeing these two, I recommend taking time to write your leadership brand statement out. As a coach, it will really help you hone in your niche and stick with your zone of genius.

New entrepreneurs often approach their business with a scarcity mindset, taking on anyone who approaches them. This approach causes them to flounder, become dissatisfied, and doubt their capabilities. And often, it damages their reputation because people see them as a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

Understanding your unique leadership brand statement and utilizing the gifts God wired you with, will give you immense satisfaction and help you master what you’re really great at. The people you serve will rave about their experience with you, and you’ll have organic leads coming from the rave reviews.

Weaving this kind of value proposition into your marketing message will help you stand out and attract those who are supposed to work with you.

In addition to crafting your leadership brand statement, incorporate these seven elements of messaging into your business you see below. This helps clients know who you serve, what you solve, and the results they’ll get. Combining these two things will give you a terrific start to understanding how to define your niche so you can position yourself as an expert, and become a six–or even seven-figure entrepreneur!

Here are several questions you can ask:

  1. The best solutions I deliver to my ideal client are…..
  2. Who is my ideal client?
  3. What keeps them awake at 3:00 am?
  4. What keeps my ideal client from fixing the problem?
  5. What’s the simple process I use for helping my ideal client? List the 3- 5 part process.
  6. The competitors are…..
  7. My selling superpower that makes me stand out is….
  8. In a single sentence, my claim to fame is….

If you’d like to download a leadership brand statement worksheet go here, and if you want to discuss it with me, feel free to book an Ask Brent Anything call now.

4 replies
  1. Maggie R Meylor
    Maggie R Meylor says:

    I’m not in love with this, but here is my brand statement using my strengths: I partner through connection and provide a space where you are accepted and free to be vulnerable. To grow with intention and experience freedom, and are encouraged to have fun. My top five are positivity, included, connectedness, communication, responsibility

    • Brent O'Bannon
      Brent O'Bannon says:

      Great start Maggie. Could you list out each strength with the exact words beside each? Then compare your statement to that. I’d love to see it in this thread.

      • Maggie R Meylor
        Maggie R Meylor says:

        Positivity – Eager, zeal, confident, enthusiasm – fun growth purser
        Includer – Diverse, involve, take-in, trusted listener
        Communication – Articulate, link – learner mindset
        Responsibility – Trust, care, pledge, power – space were accepted. Free to be vulnerable
        Connectedness – deep relationship, create real connection


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