11 Burnout Factors and How to Fireproof Your Workplace

Is your workplace prone to burnout?

Creating a work/life balance is not just an employee’s job, it’s their boss’ job, too.  That’s because the workplace plays a pivotal role in one’s balanceability. Whether you are a small business owner, corporate CEO, or leader/manager, it is your responsibility to create a balance-friendly environment in the workplace.

How exactly do you do that? Avoid these 11 burnout factors!

1. Ambiguity

Do your employees have clear goals and objectives? Criticism and conflict arises when priorities, rules, and expectations are not clearly communicated consistently.

2. Alienation

When coworkers are isolated and management is far removed, this creates emotional distance and walls that prevent team work. What can you do to promote unity, better working relationships, and workplace camaraderie?

3. Boredom

Do you manage people who are overqualified or have jobs that do not match their expertise? Routines without challenge lead to people feeling bored and becoming mentally idle.  As the saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

4. Conflict

Are your employees caught in the crossfire of arguments and conflict? If management and employees are feuding like the Hatfields and the McCoys, the workplace will be an unsafe place, stifling productivity. Do you provide periodic training on conflict resolution skills and fair fighting?

5. Inadequate information

Information is power. People need to be informed so they can make adequate decisions. Keeping secrets and leaving people out of the loop creates hostility in any workplace environment, especially corporate culture.

6. Poor feedback

Most folks are hungry for approval and fearful of criticism. At the same time, people want to know if the work they are doing is right or wrong. Healthy feedback spurs progress. Management should give thorough feedback throughout the year, not only during performance reviews.

7. Powerlessness

A sense of powerlessness leads to hopelessness. An employee who feels powerless may feel trapped with no way out and, at the same time, managers will be more prone to give up if they feel like they don’t have any influence. Find small ways to give your employees choices, sharing power and influence with everyone on your team.

8. Poor teamwork

Favoritism and office politics can undermine a productive team. Help the individuals in your workplace to cooperate rather than compete.

9. Punishment

Management is lame when it uses the blame game. And while discipline teaches, punishment breeds embarrassment, lack of appreciation, and resentment.

10. Lack of rewards

Positive rewards motivate a team and help boost morale. Successes need to be celebrated. Give respect and appreciation to each individual on your team and match their skills with work that is satisfying to them.

11. Value conflict

Are your employees selling something they don’t believe in? Are they being asked to make decisions that don’t fit their value system? It’s the upper leadership’s responsibility to match the employee with the work value.

These 11 factors can cause even the most motivated person to experience burnout. Fireproof your workplace and set aside some time this week to discuss these factors with your team. Brainstorm ways that, together, you can create and sustain a balance-friendly workplace. And don’t forget to tell me how it goes! Leave a comment with the results.

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