How Do You View Your Strengths?

Brent O'Bannon CliftonStrengths

I coach people for a living as a PCC – Professional Certified Coach and GALLUP-Certified Strengths Coach.

And in every case, I have a simple goal: to help my client achieve a
personal and professional breakthrough. In my view, nothing less than a
significant breakthrough is worth the effort.

Of course, many times breakthroughs take some incremental change over time
in their behavior, or a modest boost in sales, or even to become a marginally
better leader.

I coach people who want a significant and substantial, dare I say
life-altering, positive shift in their life and business.

I coach with people who have the courage to strive for and achieve a

The type of breakthrough is entirely up to them. Some want a personal
breakthrough—to carve out substantially more time for family, to travel to
exotic locations with the family, to expand career direction and success.
Others want a professional breakthrough—to triple their sales, to lead a major
new project, or to step into a senior leadership position. I challenge people
to grow stronger, work smarter and live richer.

I have a relatively new client who told me that she doesn’t “believe” in assessments.  She believes that assessments actually pigeon hole people and can hold them back instead of propelling them forward because they think that whatever the assessment says that is what they are period, end of the sentence. 

Though she didn’t want to be pigeonholed, she took the CliftonStrengths assessment knowing in her words “it won’t work.”  When she received her results her top 5 were:

1.    Empathy

2.    Connectedness

3.    Input

4.    Developer

5.    Strategic

Her response was something along the lines of – how did they do this?  How did they get me like this?  After 40 years of studying human strengths, the CliftonStrengths assessment has it right, and she was amazed to see that.  Breakthrough #1

Even after breakthrough #1, there was still some hesitation as she wasn’t
sure, even after reading through the reports on the Gallup, what should she do
with these strengths.  Even though she
agreed with the assessment, she wasn’t sure that they were strengths.  In her mind, if it was a strength, it had to
be perfect.

In doing research as part of my Strengths Champion Certified Coach® Masterclass, she gained information regarding how CliftonStrengths looks at talents and strengths as potential.  It was then she realized that by identifying her top themes of talent, the CSF provides a starting point for her not an endpoint.  This assessment was not telling her – here are your top strengths now you need to use these some specific, prescribed way to improve your life.  She now saw her strengths as a pathway to grow in the things that she does well in life. She can take the things that she has learned about her strengths in all her reports and refine her strengths into a powerful part of her skills and knowledge.  Breakthrough #2

When I challenge people to grow stronger, work smarter and live richer I am talking about monetizing your strengths with my “live richer” part of my coaching system.  For her when she read this article she shifted her mindset from I know my strengths, to, I need to get to work using them.  She began to see her strengths as a growth opportunity, and especially that others would pay her for her strengths.  A new way to live richer.  Breakthrough #3

What about you?  Where do you want a breakthrough? To Grow Stronger, Work Smarter, or Live Richer?

Go ahead and schedule your complimentary Ask Brent Anything call to help you breakthrough in 2019.

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