Leveraging Your Strengths

Leveraging your CliftonStrengths

One of the most insightful questions that a prospective employer can ask is to tell me about your best self. Your best self can help you leverage your strengths to scale up revenue, profitability, and a richer lifestyle. You can think about and prepare for this question in many different ways, but other people who are interviewing for the same position are probably doing the same thing. As you are preparing for an interview whether it is a position in a corporate office, an academic institution or you are an entrepreneur reaching out to potential clients prepare to leverage using your top strengths to differentiate yourself. 

I encourage you to identify your most powerful strength,
your default talent, those habits and patterns that come naturally to you and
combine into a single powerful strengths anthem, which is the real you. The
things you do when you are yourself. You know that you can be assured that
using your strengths will not only give a great picture of who you are but also
who you will be when you are hired for the job. With your strengths being a
substantial part of the core of who you are, the person you present in your
interview is the person you will be in the job.

If analytical® is one of your top 5 strengths give an example of how you have used that strength in a job. For instance, one of my clients at Workplace Training discovered that no one knew how much their services were costing the company. The cost of their training sessions had not changed in a few years. She took a look at the cost to her company for their training material and supplies for each session along with the depreciation on the equipment that they use in the sessions. She discovered that several of their sessions cost them 5-8% more than they charged for it. They raised their fees immediately. That alone increased their revenue by over $20,000.

 Knowing your greatest
strength is more than memorizing a list of character traits. It’s rediscovering
and monetizing who you are.  Many people
have a significant lack of self-awareness and an application of strengths.  Most job seekers don’t spend enough time
analyzing their strengths and thinking about which ones are most relevant for
each position. Having been through the Clifton Strengths® you will know your
strengths and how they serve you in life as well as knowing how they will serve
you in your job. If you don’t feel you know your job-related strengths well
enough to monetize them, stay with us over the next few months.  We will discuss each of the 34 strengths from
Analytical® to WOO®.

If you haven’t taken the CliftonStrengths® assessment or you want to upgrade to see your ALL 34 strengths, please visit my website at https://brentobannon480.c.wpstage.net to purchase your own Clifton StrengthsFinder code.  Have something you would like to talk with me about then schedule your free Ask Brent Anything call and let’s talk strengths.

Please share one strength below and how you monetized that strength.

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