The ABCs of Playful Balance

Playful balance–from A to Z!  The perfect alphabet for family fun.

A-Acting for fun

B-Balls and more balls

C-Create and join clubs

D-Dance around the house

E-Enjoy pets

F-Frisbee fun

G-Get outside

H-Hop, hip hop, hopscotch

I-“I Spy”


K-Kite flying

L-Leaves, rake and jump

M-Makeover for fun

N-Noon time walk

O-Old pictures

P-People watching

Q-Quicken your step

R-Ring toss

S-Silly faces

T-Tickle each other

U-Upbeat attitude

V-Video workout

X-X and O (tic, tac, toe)

Y-Yawn and relax

Z-Zoo outing

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