Using Your Strengths to Live Richer

Monetize Your Strengths—This phase is often one of the most exciting, especially for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executive teams looking to use their strengths in the workplace. Living richer means turning your strengths into money in some way. Ask yourself: How can I hone my marketing message, get more leads, and grow my client base, so I can make more money?

A strengths-based marketing and sales approach can transform a business from surviving to thriving. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve received numerous phone calls and emails from clients celebrating a major sale, new position, promotion, or small business success after tailoring their marketing strategies and sales techniques to align with their top strengths.

Justin was struggling to sell and articulate his worth. Leveraging his Strategic talent, he created three options of packages and pricing. In fact, he was blown away when a sales call with a client went exactly like we role played. They picked his highest package! He said, without a doubt that leveraging his Strategic® talent has earned him thousands of extra dollars.

Alex, a Singapore career coach, leveraged his hobby and strength as a magician to create three new coaching packages, effective pricing strategy, and compelling marketing funnel using Meetup to drive traffic to his website. Empathy® is his #1 talent.

My coaching protégé, Scott monetized his Futuristic® talent by creating StrengthsMugs which has since been leveraged by bestselling author Michael Hyatt.

Keep reading as I take you step-by-step through the process of making over your marketing strategy, so you can really sparkle, allowing you to reach more potential customers and close more sales.

Here’s a head start. Ask yourself:

What’s keeping my ideal client up at 3 a.m.?

Think how your unique combination of strengths can help your ideal client sleep better at night. Whatever the answer, you want your marketing to communicate how you and your services can solve your customer’s problems and add value to their life and business. A strengths-based marketing approach gives you a way to communicate why your special blend of strengths makes you the best person for the job.

Strengthen Your Customers—A strong business is based on loyal customer relationships. These relationships increase referrals via positive word-of-mouth advertising and glowing testimonials. Securing customers depends on making authentic, natural connections using your signature strengths.

Emotionally engaged customers pay 67 percent more per year for the service they purchase from you because they feel confidence, pride, and passion.

Flourish in Well-Being – My positive psychologist friend Judy helped create the PERMA(H) model that the Father of Positive Psychology made famous in his book Flourishing.

P – Positive Emotion.

E – Engagement.

R – Relationships.

M – Meaning.

A – Achievement.

H – Health.

How will you live and apply your talents to increase your positivity to negativity ratio? Aim your talents so you work in the strengths zone? Leverage your talents to build positive connections and relationships that broaden and build your life. Find meaning and purpose that goes beyond the superficial. Or achieve massive accomplishments while staying active, fit, and healthy.

Gallup research found that those who know and apply their strengths experience less stress, spend less health care dollars, and report a three times greater likelihood of experiencing an excellent quality of life than those who do not live intentionally with their strengths.

How will you apply your strengths to growing richer?  Which strength do you feel you will use the most?

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