Want Balance? Book It

I’m ashamed to admit the following: I haven’t read a fiction book since my senior year in high school when we were assigned The Great Gatsby (an elegant, must-read classic if it didn’t make your list).

Now, let me explain before you vote me off the island. I have a Masters degree in counseling psychology so I have read non-fiction voraciously for 20 years. Early in our marriage, when my wife and I visited my in laws, they would chide me for always having my nose in a book.

20 years later, I’m beginning to see that I’m a Type A personality that needs to learn to lighten up. My wife has a Type B personality and loves to cuddle up with her soft blanket, our cat Savannah, and a new novel.  And I think she’s onto something.

Every time I get my hair cut, my stylist tells me about the latest page turner on her nightstand, which helps her to escape her worries and distract her from daily stress. And my good friend Latham, a book consultant, and the author of The Graffiti Sculptor told me I need to read more pleasure books to chill. After a few big hints, it looks like I’ve finally come up with a novel idea to relax: I can lighten up with some light reading.

So right now I’m reading Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild as my first adventure in reading for relaxation.

That’s right, this Type A guy is making the commitment to read just for fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What about you? Do your friends and family chide you for being all work and no play?  Is it difficult to pry yourself away from work material to do something you really enjoy?  If you’re a Type A personality who is highly driven to accomplish and succeed but not as adept at R&R, it’s time to take a chill pill, put your feet up, and page your way through some fun.

I want to know what’s on your nightstand.  Leave a comment with your favorite pleasure read.  I could use something to follow up my trip into the wild.

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