What Caterpillars Teach Us About Dreams

If fat furry caterpillars can learn to fly then you and I can achieve our dreams. But how?



Caterpillars have about 4,000 muscles compared to 629 in humans. The average caterpillar has 248 muscles in the head segment alone. They move by sliding their internal organs forward using contraction of the muscles like a slinky. They move forward and eventually morph into a beautiful moth or butterfly by literally following their “guts.”

How do you and I create momentum to turn from a pest or fat furry caterpillar into a beautiful free-flying creature achieving our dreams?

Simply follow your guts.

Most of us are desperately trying to be someone we’re not. It’s a myth to believe a caterpillar, you, I, or anybody can be anything we want to be. I used to believe this but not anymore. I believe we can be MORE of who we already ARE.

So what are your strengths? What is your hard wiring? Do you have words to describe your guts or signature strengths? Have you designed your professional and personal life around your strengths or are you trying to be someone you’re not? Part of my mission is to help you get clarity on your strengths. To help you communicate your strengths and design your life around your strengths. To sell your self using your strengths.

Brenda Orgel called me with excitement when she got a new job promotion after I coached her to discover and communicate her top five strengths. Your signature strengths are your guts. It’s time for you to move forward simply following your strengths.

Brent O’Bannon creates momentum for outrageous success. He is known as America’s Momentum Coach for individuals, couples in business, and companies. For more information go to www.brentobannon.com and www.marriedtoyourboss.com.

Image: m_bartosch / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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