Emotional Agility and Emotional Regulation

I recently took a course from Dr. Charles Stone, the author of the book: Brain Savvy Leaders. One of the tools in that course really spoke to me and fits closely with what I do. It deals with our Emotional Agility and Emotional Regulation. This tool is beneficial for leaders, managers, and individuals who support others in personal or professional settings. To provide further support in managing emotions and stress, review the 4 Tips to De-stress at your Desk.

Emotional Agility and Emotional regulation can be trained by using a system created by Dr. Charles Stone known as CARTS:

C Change your circumstance through selection

Make a conscious decision to change a situation you are not happy with.

A Alter your attention through distraction

Use positive distractions to help you regulate your emotions.

R Reframe the situation through reappraisal

View situations from a different perspective.

T Tag your emotions through labeling

Labeling emotions allows you to identify them before you implode from avoiding them or explode from overusing them.

S Step back from the emotion by distancing yourself.

Create space so you can slow down the power of the emotion.


You don’t have to be a professional counselor to learn how to deal with emotions. You can be a business leader, manager, parent, or individual that wants to love people, encourage them, and help those who experience tremendous overwhelm & stress. To learn more about emotional agility and emotional regulation, I highly recommend you read Dr. Charles Stone’s book and watch the full video. If you want training, workshops, or are interested in coaching reach out to me HERE.

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