Mental Health and Strengths in the Workplace


Mental health is more than diagnosed disorders. It is a pivotal part of our general well-being.

As a Strengths Champion, I’ve noticed a correlation between a person’s CliftonStrengths profile and how they correlate with many aspects of mental health.

There is a continuum of mental health. One that is easy to recognize and break down into 4 parts:

1. Healthy

2. Reacting

3. Injured

4. Disorder


Our Strengths follow a similar path. When we achieve or approach strength mastery, we see healthier behaviors and likely are seeing better overall mental health. On the other end of the spectrum, when our strengths are in a raw state, we tend to demonstrate behaviors that mirror some common mental disorders. Regardless of where we are on the continuum, we can even ‘aim’ our Strengths at our mental health, using our best tools to have a positive influence on our minds and souls.

This was a fantastic conversation. Many different strengths and how they present themselves came to light and offered real insight into this correlation with mental health. I encourage you to watch the full video here.

If you would like me to speak to your organization about diversity, strengths, or a whole host of topics, contact Brent.

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