Strengths-Based Leadership Brand Statement

Our goal is to help you dive into a strengths-based tool and strategy of writing out a very concise, clear strengths-based leadership brand statement.

It is important to understand your brand statement whether you are a service professional or a leader of a company. This directly relates to our prior episode about Releasing the Trash & Renewing Our Mind because when you know your strengths and have a clear brand statement it’s like an affirmation – a mantra – that keeps you grounded in your own talents, strengths, and superpowers about what you bring to other people.

However, it is very important to understand the difference between talents and strengths. Talents are natural patterns of the way we think, feel, act – which could be productively applied. Strengths (as defined by Gallup) is something that energizes us in which we have high potential. It is having consistent, near perfect performance in an activity.

When you write your strength-based leadership brand statement, think of your values, needs, aspirations, people you are attracted to as well as those that are attracted to you to see how they are imbedded inside your talents and strengths.

When you write your leadership brand statement, think of one activity or behavior you want to be world-class in with each of your top 5 talents. There are 3 steps to achieve this goal:
1. Write out your top 5 Gallup Strengths

2. Come up with the top 1-3 words that best describes that talent in you

3. Make one of those words an activity that you want to be world-class in

Tip: Use synonyms, the ‘Let’s Talk Strengths’ book, your Signature Theme Report or Strengths Insight Guide to help give you unique phrases that resonate with you. (Links to book and/or CliftonStrengths assessments)

Your top 5 Strengths and your leadership brand statement can become an actionable system of how you help other people. You want the right word(s) in your brand statement. You want your brand statement to fit you well and warm your heart. You want to feel comfortable in your brand statement because this is who you are, and this is the value that you bring to people.

I love utilizing Strengths for real-world applications, and I encourage you to watch the full video here.

If you would like me to speak to your organization about diversity, strengths, or a whole host of topics, contact Brent.

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