Writing Your Strategy

How would it help if you could AIM your strengths with a written strategy on ONE PAGE?

That’s the intention of the One Page Strengths Strategy tool that I designed with my Focus – Futuristic strengths and have been using for several years.

I wanted to help my tribe to zoom in and zoom out with your top 10 strengths for life and work for a STRONG 2021 new year.

Download the One Page Strategy document and join me as you fill in the blanks.

Take time to visualize how you will aim your strengths and the successes that you will accomplish in the new year.  My experience is that if you will complete this tool yearly and review it daily, weekly, monthly that you will begin to maximize, mobilize, and monetize your strengths intentionally. You will grow stronger – work smarter & live richer.

Below I have given you a sample of my One Page Strategy Document.  The document is broken in to sections with the instructions on how to use the section just before it.  You can click on the graphic to zoom in.

On the left hand side of the tool you will see 3 major boxes for you to input your top 5 strengths and AIM your strengths into my strengths system. Box 1 Maximize Strengths is a place for you to authenticate intentional steps to grow from raw to refined with each strength. Box 2 Mobilize Strengths is a place for you to apply your strengths into your work/career. Box 3 Monetize Strengths is how you will aspire to live richer in your lifestyle.

The final box on the left side is a place for you to write your two top weaknesses and who your complimentary partners will be with their strengths to collaborate with.

The boxes on the bottom are a place for you to highlight your 6-10 strengths and how you will aim them in your life and work.

To build your vision of success and keep your imposter syndrome at bay is the box at the middle top. Here you will write a short personal & work success story using your strengths.

In the middle box you will choose what are your top 5 work activities and priorities. This will keep your work priorities front and center.

At the bottom middle is a place for you to write your Best of Me, Worst of Me and what you Most Need. As your write keep in mind how your top 5-10 strengths influence your life and work.

On the top right box you will write how your strengths fulfill the demands of the four domains of leadership and how you can intentionally aim your strengths.

At the middle right is a place for you to write your 1-2 sentence strengths purpose statement to always ground you with your Big Why.

Finally at the bottom right is a place for you to write what you will start and what you will stop to create the life and work you want.


Now you have seen the entire One Page Strengths Strategy Document, with examples of how I filled it out.  Your mind is probably popping with ideas for your document.

How are you going to use this One Page Strategy document to keep you moving in 2021?  How do you visualize using it for your team or clients?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  If you have ideas you want to talk with me about or if you need some clarification on the document sign up for your Ask Brent Anything call.  I am glad we are starting this year off together and can’t wait to see and hear about your growth in 2021.

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