Your Customer’s 4 Basic Needs

Pause and ask yourself, “What leader has the most positive influence on my daily life?” Now list four words that best describe what this person contributes to your life.

This twofold question was randomly asked to 10,000 people by The Gallup Poll. The results were somewhat surprising. You might anticipate words like intelligence or wealth, but no. The four basic needs of customers are:

  1. Trust
  2. Compassion
  3. Stability
  4. Hope

How can you use your strengths to build more trust, compassion, stability, and hope with your customers?

First, we build trust by showing respect to ourself and to others. We create another level of trust when we are authentic with successes and struggles. Finally trust is established every time you say you will do something and you follow through.

Second, our customers want to feel that we care more about their well being and happiness than us getting money for a service. You show compassion by sending a birthday card, giving a gift, and asking about a customer’s personal life. Compassion is built when we cultivate emotional intelligence and people skills with our customers.

Third is the need for stability. Customers need security, stability, and strength over a long period of time.  We communicate stability when our business survives hard times, we stay involved with church, or volunteer in the community. Customers feel strength when they see a long term marriage and healthy family life.

Finally, customers want hope for the future. Customers are inspired by a happy workplace. They feel optimism when they see personal and professional growth. Hope is fostered by faith, guidance, and good news.

Coaching Points:

  1. What specific activities could you do more of to increase trust, compassion, stability and hope to your external and internal customers?
  2. How could you increase trust, compassion, stability and hope with your spouse, children, and community?

Call or email me now so I can help you or your business create more trust, compassion, stability and hope.

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