Intentionally Develop and Apply Your Strengths as an Entrepreneur

Learn how to intentionally develop and apply your strengths to make money and live richer. Build a business that focuses on rewarding people for what they do well instead of focusing on what they do wrong. That is what it means to be a Strengthspreneur®.

strengths·preneur n.

entrepreneur who intentionally uses their strengths to grow stronger, work smarter and live richer within their lifestyle business.

The Strengthspreneur® System

You started with a big idea, took calculated risks, worked harder than you ever imagined and now you’re fully invested in finding that next big step. The one where you surround yourself with a winning team, inclusive work culture, and build better lives for you and the people who work for you.

I’m developing a system to help you monetize your strengths and scale your lifestyle business to hit that next BIG step. As a seasoned entrepreneur and Strengths coach, together we’ll develop you, your business and your people into a world-class business based on Strengthspreneursip®. We start with these 4 steps:

Step 1: Authenticate Strengths

We start by authenticating your business strengths and facilitating an in-depth business, leadership, and entrepreneurial strengths’ analysis with evidence-based assessments and tools.

We gather information about your business in areas such as :

  • Product & service delivery
  • Financial health & money mindset
  • Online & offline marketing systems
  • Entrepreneurial culture, human capital & team development
  • Customer engagement excellence
  • Organizational legacy & lifestyle business success and exit strategy

We will also conduct a 360-interview of your top 5-10 influencers in your life and business. The process is fun, engaging, and transformational as you AUTHENTICATE your strengths.

Step 2: Align Vision

We will spend time defining and aligning your strategic vision.

We discuss what was learned in Step 1: Authenticate Strengths, in more depth and focus on the future of your business and your team.

We will use unique tools and resources as I personally help guide you through completing a business plan and aligning your Strengths with your vision.

Step 3: Activate Results

Step 3 is where we will spend a majority of our energy as we develop you into a Strengthspreneur®.

  • Stand-Up meetings for peer support to keep you motivated and supercharged
  • Mastermind Sessions for intensive growth & development
  • CEO coaching to keep you laser-focused on measurable action steps to drive results & lead with authenticity
  • Continued support and development through mini-courses, Facebook Community, Blog posts, and email.

Activating your Strengths is key towards monetizing them for your highest growth potential and your next great phase as an entrepreneur.

Step 4: Accelerate Growth

The last step is all about YOU! Now that you are a Strengthspreneur®, it’s time to apply everything you’ve learned to live richer!

Growth isn’t just for you and your business, but when you apply Strengthspreneurship®, everyone in your business grows with you, both personally and professionally. And I’m not going anywhere! The Strengthspreneur™ community will be here to help you continually execute and follow-through with your goals and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Can’t Wait to Become a Strengthspreneur®?

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What you have to look forward to as a Strengthspreneur®…

I’m developing a lasting method to help you monetize your strengths and scale your lifestyle business. Here are some of the exciting oppotunities you have to look forwward to:

  • Strengthspreneur® Mastermind
  • Strengthspreneur® Business Academy
  • Mini-courses
  • Email coachings and updates
  • Interactive Facebook Community
  • Strengthspreneur® Book

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Clients We Serve

“Brent’s coaching has helped my relationship to work and family. His principles in strengths-based performance and leadership have also worked their way into our whole company.”

“Brent has helped me to learn the language of Strengths and brainstormed with me on how to mature them in my day-to-day business life.”

“Brent is an exceptional coach who has been a catalyst for our personal and professional growth. His coaching helped us understand and respect each others strengths and know how to apply them for exponential business growth.”

Brent O'Bannon Strengths Coach speaking on stage

My Strengthspreneur® Story

My lifestyle career started at seventeen when I felt a calling to inspire people. I began serving in my church and speaking to our small congregation where I honed my skills as a leader and speaker.

Later I discovered my entrepreneurial strengths and launched a multi-specialty group counseling practice that scaled to 13 counselors and several national, state and local contracts.

A business coach and mastermind introduced me to StrengthsFinder 2.0 which soon became my coaching niche and then I became the 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in the world. The vision of Donald Clifton and Gallup of a billion people discovering their strengths in the world became my breathing mantra.

Now I’ve have facilitated more than 27,000 coaching sessions and given more than 750 presentations to 350 organizations across the globe. Written six books

I thrive on coaching entrepreneurs just like you to grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer with your strengths.