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“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.” – Jack Canfield

If you’re a service based business, entrepreneur, or business leader who wants a remarkable 2022, then it’s imperative you leverage a strategic plan around your unique strengths to scale your business so you can grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer.

I know first-hand how hard it is to do that and not know where to start. Thanks to my hero, Jack Canfield, I was given the foundation of a plan and I’m going to share a few parts of my updated Strengths Champion Solutions version with you to jump start your strategic planning for 2022.

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The 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal

In every matter that the king consulted them about [Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego], he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his entire kingdom. Daniel 1:20

God gifted those four young men including Daniel, with great knowledge and understanding. Daniel specifically also gained understanding around visions and dreams of every kind. As they consulted with King Nebuchadnezzar and strategically planned their interactions, rapport was built between them. Daniel became the epitome of entrepreneurial excellence. He and the fellow young men were 10X better than everyone else. But it wasn’t through luck and talent alone. Daniel used his God-given talents and strategically applied them in his success.

That’s why this tool is the 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal. Because I believe God has gifted us – you, with talents, and when you turn those into strengths, like Daniel, you can be 10X better.

Top 10 Strengths

Top Ten Strengths - 10X Business Growth Plan and Journal

Perhaps the most important thing you can do before you start planning, is familiarize yourself with your strengths. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to unlock your full 34 CliftonStrengths. As a leader or entrepreneur, or as I like to call us, Strengthspreneurs® having access to your complete strengths profile allows you to go beyond the basic understanding of your own strengths as you work with others to accomplish goals.

Write your Top 10 Strengths down on your strategic plan. Everyday, every week, as you visit this plan, remind yourself of your strengths. This will allow you to create strengths-based goals and strategies for success.

Word of the Year/Quote of the Year

Word of the Year - 10X Business Plan and Journal

Like any plan, you need to find a place to start. Coming up with your one word of the year is an excellent way to focus your plan. It can help you align your purpose, vision, and goals.

This word can be anything and come from anywhere. Here are a few ways you can hone in on your “Word of the Year”:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Quiet time
  • Reading inspiring books
  • Free associate
  • Reflection

There’s also a place on the plan for a “Quote of the Year.” Sometimes a quote can help capture the direction you desire and goals you have with more clarity than a single word.

10X Business Goals

10X Business Goals - 10X Business Growth Plan and Journal When we look at our goals there are 10 specific areas of business that I’ve defined. Here are a few of them from the 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal tool:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • People
  • Culture

Your goals need to be personal, positive, present tense, purposeful, and with passion.

For example: I am [Brent] humbly launching a NY Times Best-Selling book called Strengthspreneur® by 12-31-2022 with my Futuristic and Significance strengths.

I know it’s tempting to write a list of goals that have been swimming in your head since you’ve started your business, however I want you to focus on one big breakthrough goal for each specific area. I call this a S.E.T. goal.


Monthly Wins & Biggest Challenge

Monthly Wins and Challenges - 10x Business Growth Plan and Journal

If you’ve seen my strategic plan before, this part is new and improved and I’m pumped to share it! My favorite part of my strategic plan is the journal. Planning doesn’t stop after goals are set, but it’s an an active process that requires your ongoing participation to become a 10X business. A monthly guided journal can help with that.

On the 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal tool, there’s space for all 12 months. For each month you’ll start by recording 3 wins or successes you have experienced with any of your goals during that month.

Then you’ll follow that up with 1 of your biggest challenges during that month in reaching your goals.

This 3:1 positive versus negative ratio is called the Losada ratio. Research has shown it helps encourage a higher degree of performance.

Tracking your celebrations, challenges, and money helps you visualize your growth. My tool will even calculate your profit for you and all you have to do is enter your revenue and expenses.

What you celebrate is what you do more of.

Now You Decide

The 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal is one of the most successful tools I personally have used and the coaches I work with have used to grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer. Before we dive into 2022 I want to give you the opportunity to take advantage of this tool and give you access to the 90-minute webinar I had earlier this month around how to use it while applying your unique Strengths.

Join the Mastermind

If you are a solopreneur or business professional with a small team wanting to scale your business faster with a best practices, join our ongoing monthly 1.5 hr virtual zoom mastermind facilitated by me. You’ll get access to the 10X Business Growth Plan & Journal, the 90-minute guided webinar on how to use it, complimentary 30 minute Ask Brent Anything coaching session, and ongoing support from fellow Strengthspreneurs and the first-ever Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

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Join the Mastermind

Not Ready to Commit?

10XBizChallenge-2021 Webinar

I get it, maybe you’re not ready for a monthly commitment. I still want to help! If you just want this easy and awesome tool and access to the webinar to guide you through using it, you can buy it now. I’ll throw in a free 30-minute one-on-one coaching session where you can ask me anything. Because at the end of the day it’s my goal to help you succeed, even if it’s one small step at a time.

Get it Now!

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Four Tools for Strengths-Based Coaching

As a strengths-based coach or Strengthspreneur® , you know the power of the data in understanding talents, personality, values, and tendencies can provide in coaching clients. You know that all of this data can help you build trust, improve client success, and see potential pitfalls. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, values and personality tendencies can also help you navigate pitfalls in your business, and shore up weaknesses by finding a support network to hold you accountable.

Gallup CliftonStrengths

Gallup CliftonStrengths logoThe Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment is the first tool in your toolbox. The assessment defines 34 talent themes. Your top five are known as your signature strengths and are where you will operate from subconsciously. The top ten are known as your dominant strengths, those that “show up” naturally, frequently, and with the most force.

Finally, 10-29 strengths are known as the supporting, & your bottom 5 are called lesser themes – which are non-pattern strengths. You may see these occasionally; but, they will never dominate your behaviors. However, understanding them all is important to understanding and bringing out the best in people.


The VIA logoWe understand that values drive our talents, behaviors and decisions as well. VIA the institute on Values In Action, offers a free and paid assessment that identifies your core values also called character strengths. By identifying your unique set of values, you create a framework that guides every decision, relationship, and priority for your life. Zest, Wisdom, & Courage are my core values & are examples of the 24 evidenced based universal values.

Again, by understanding what drives someone’s values, you can gain clarity that will provide relevant, meaningful coaching for them. Add a values-based assessment to your toolbelt.

Builder Profile 10

BP10, a builder profile assessment by Gallup, helps you understand how you are wired as an entrepreneur. Knowing your ranking of the top 10 entrepreneurial talents will guide you in building entrepreneurial excellence.

First, the BP10 will increase your entrepreneurial self-awareness, as well as recognize opportunities for growth in building your venture.

Second, it will help you identify the talents of those on your team and activating on your innovative ideas.

Although building a coaching business depends on you, there are supporting roles, and perhaps junior coaches, that you’ll add to your team. Knowing everyone’s builder profile will show you whether they have the talent make up for that role and whether their talents are missing on your team.

Standout 2.0

Image of Standout 2.0 book by Marcus BuckinghamThe fourth strengths-based tool to add to the toolbelt of your coaching business is Standout 2.0. This assessment by Marcus Buckingham, measures one’s top 2 strengths roles in work. This will help you be more clear on how you Standout in the workplace.

Standout 2.0 says they help you “turn talent into performance”. This research-based approach assesses your client’s strengths and helps identify their edge, going one step deeper than the CliftonStrengths assessment and enabling them to climb the career ladder and become the high-performing executive they know they are.


When you combine these four powerful, insightful assessments, you’ll have all the tools you need to raise your performance. And, you’ll have a deep understanding of your employees, co-workers, and family. This will allow you to see where you can help them reach their potential, and who you need to introduce them to who can mentor them, shoring up their areas of weakness. Combine these four instruments to navigate your team at work and home. If you’d like to take any of these assessments, contact me to schedule a call to discuss the next step.

Modern multi-generation family communicating and smiling while having Thanksgiving dinner together

Count Your Blessings

🦃Happy Thanksgiving🦃 to all my U.S. friends and to all my global friends it’s still a great day to count your blessings!

My wife and I have been pondering and having conversation on what are the top 5 blessings in your lifetime & why? This is an excellent topic for you, your family, and your friends to ask as you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday. It’s what I’m calling Turkey Table Talk.

Celebrating good news is more important than how you respond to bad news. – Shelly Gable

Research by psychologist, Shelly Gable reveals that celebrating good news is more important than how you respond to bad news. If you want to strengthen your bond with other people ramp up your excitement, approval, curiosity, and genuine recognition when that person shares a blessing (aka. win, success).

Sure it shows empathy and support when you help someone with their pain, loss, or bad news. However, research is clear that people crave to share their blessings with others  and to have others genuinely engage with them in their triumphs.

Just this week I experienced one of my best blessings so far. Our home mortgage was paid off! Yep, that’s right – no more house payments.

Curious what my other top 4 blessings are? I’d also love to hear what your top 5 blessings are and why? Share with me and our Strengths community how these blessings help you and your crew at your Turkey Table Talk focus on the good news when our world is so filled with the bad news.

Let’s talk! Leave a comment, or connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Register for the 10X Biz Challenge

10X Monthly Biz Plan Transparent Image

While you’re counting your blessings from this past year it’s important to plan for both blessings and challenges for the future. Whether you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, or coach, I have a plan and journal that can help you through that. And soon I’m sharing more about that plan with anyone who wants to know more.

Register today for the 10X Biz Challenge to start planning future ways to add blessing to your coaching and business for 2022. This event is a gift to you from me. It’s a resource with 10 areas of business development to help you focus on what makes the greatest impact for your business. Along with this resource, on Dec. 8th I’ll be giving a 90 minute webinar to introduce how to use it.

Businesswoman motivating her team members in a meetingThere’s one asset we all have a limited amount of: time. There’s one non-renewable resource: time. If time is such a valuable commodity that’s limited and non-renewable, it would make sense that we would spend it wisely.

Leaders attract those with positivity and healthy, balanced emotions. Conversely, a neg-aholic is one who’s always focused on the negative, complaining, blaming, and being the “Debbie downer” in the room.

Jerry Slayton, my tennis coach, inspired me with these words:

“It’s not your aptitude that determines your altitude; it’s your attitude.” I quickly responded, “I can have an attitude!”

After 26 years of competitive tennis, I have learned that attitude transforms neg-aholics into leaders–or underdogs into top dogs.

As I pursued my Master’s Degree in Psychology, I understood this within the context of IQ versus EQ. IQ is your aptitude, EQ is your attitude, and success is your altitude. Research tells us that 70-80% of our success is due to our emotional intelligence. You can have all the smarts and IQ in the world, but it’s much more challenging to achieve success if your attitude is sour.

Men, I have some news for you. You may not want to hear it. The women have a head start on us. It’s proven that our EQ is far more important than our IQ, and women have been socialized to develop their EQ while men pride themselves on their IQ.

Our EQ is divided into 5 main components:

  • Your self-awareness and ability to identify and label your feelings.
  • Managing your emotions and having the ability to balance between stuffing and spewing your feelings. One with Intellection® can get introspective and analyze why he’s feeling the way he is, allowing him to process and handle his emotions well.
  • Motivating yourself. Jimmy Conners said, “The will to win is inside of you. You have to bring it out.” For a Maximizer® or Achiever® this is easy. However, we can all do it! Think back to elementary school when your teacher initiated a competition, whether it be the first to write the correct response on the board or the last one standing at the spelling bee. If she offered the winner a free ice cream in the lunchroom you were motivated. How can you motivate yourself?
  • Recognize and acknowledge others’ body language and feelings. Someone with the strength of Harmony® can do this well because they try to connect rather than causing conflict.
  • Handling relationships. Brian Tracy says, “85% of your success comes from relationships, 15% comes from your achievements.” A Relator® finds deep satisfaction in having deep relationships. While this may not be a dominant strength for you, draw on your Relator® or any of your relationship-focused strengths.

Game, set, match.

If you want to play with confidence, serve others well, bounce back after a defeat, and win in life, keep climbing the ladder of emotional intelligence.

What would those you interact with every day say about your emotional intelligence? If life is out of balance, others would score you low. Get support, deal with stress, and learn to have authentic, meaningful relationships.