You’ve Got Something In Your Teeth



Who would tell you if they had spinach in your teeth?  The rude reality is that all of us will get something stuck between our teeth. Maybe a flake of pepper or possibly some green spinach.  Most people do not want to embarrass you so they let you keep talking with spinach plastered to your front tooth.

Who can you trust to tell you the truth?

Usually your spouse, kids, or best friend delight in the opportunity, right?

This article isn’t about real spinach but emotional or behavioral irritants in our life that everyone else sees but us. These emotional or behavioral challenges may slowly destroy relationships and opportunities for success.

It could be how you are constantly running late or don’t respond to emails. Or how you interrupt people when they talk, how ridiculously out of style your hair or clothing are, the list goes on…

Maybe you fidget, don’t give eye contact, or mumble when you get up to speak.  Or when someone asks what time it is, you tell them three times how to make a watch.  I could continue to infinity but the point is all of us will have spinach in our teeth at some time in our lives.

As your life coach, I have your back and will give you honest feedback.

I coached one CEO who wanted objective honest feedback because she realized most people in her organization were intimidated to be direct with her. She hired me for the purpose of giving it to her straight.

Invest in a coaching session for a friend or family member who has spinach in their teeth.

Coaching Points:

  1. What emotional or behavioral irritant is hindering your success and life?
  2. Can you give objective, honest feedback to your peers or circle of influence when they have spinach in their teeth?

Brent O’Bannon creates momentum for outrageous success. He is known as America’s Momentum Coach for individuals, couples in business, and companies. For more information go to and


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