Dream Big: Get Off Your Rear

There are three kinds of people reading this blog: people with no dreams, people with little dreams, and people with BIG dreams.  Here’s my eighth and final strategy for BIG time success.

Discover what you want.
Release your strengths.
Energize your mind.
Adapt to challenges.
Make a dream team.

Be your best.
Invest 10,000 hours.
Get off your rear.

What is your BIG dream?  My 21-year-old son dreams of becoming a certified tennis professional who teaches tennis and owns his own tennis club.  One of my coaching clients wants to build a home for pregnant teens where they can be supported and mentored.  My brother and sister in law dream of writing and singing a top ten song.

Maybe your dream is to write a book, go back to school and get a degree, take a month vacation backpacking in Australia, or to take your family on a cruise to Alaska.

Let me share a secret–your dream will never happen until you get off your rear.

I demonstrated this principle with 300 kids this summer while speaking on how to DREAM big. I held up one of my books and said, “This book will help you make a million dollars. Who wants it?” They all raised their hands. “Who really wants it?” They started to yell and scream. “Seriously, who really WANTS this book?” They were now standing up–off their rear–and finally one person came running up to the stage and grabbed the book from my hand.

They got off their rear and acted. The law of attraction has the word act in it for a reason.

My son started school this year. He is off his rear and learning how to make his dream come true.

My coaching client has contacted the crisis pregnancy center and started her dream.

My brother and sister in law sold their house and moved to Austin to pursue their music dreams.

What are you going to do to kick start your big dream? You must be willing to act. You must be willing to get off your rear!

Coaching points:

  1. What is one specific action step to start the process of achieving your dream?
  2. Who can you share this action step with to hold yourself accountable?
  3. Hire Brent for success coaching to achieve your BIG dream.
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