Taking Your Executing Strengths From Raw to Refined

In my previous blog, How to Build a World-Class Strength (September 1, 2020), we discussed that a strength is the ability to provide consistent near-perfect performance in a specific activity which becomes world-class.

One question I get is, what does that mean?  How do I maximize my strengths? BTW download Maximize Strengths Worksheet.

Over the next few weeks, we will look at one theme at a time and see the difference between the strengths when they are raw and when they are refined.  It is crucial for you to know what you are shooting for in your strengths and your team’s strengths.

This week we will look at the Executing Domain.  The themes in the Executing Domain of Strength tend to get things done, with speed, precision, and accuracy.  They put in the hard work now so that they are ready when it’s time to move. Putting ideas into action is the strength of this domain.

What do we mean when we say Raw to Refined? Raw talent is uninformed, inexperienced, more self-oriented, and unproductive. Refined talent is well informed, more practiced, more others-oriented, and highly productive.

Let’s take a look at what raw and refined looks like for each strength in the Executing Domain, so you will know what you are aiming for.

People with the strength of Achiever® are known as EXTREMELY hard workers.

Achiever Raw:  Busy doing anything.

Achiever Refined: Produce needed results.

Someone with the strength of Arranger® makes decisions from a bird’s eye view.

Arranger Raw: Shake things up because I am bored.

Arranger Refined: Manage the dynamic multiplicity of people, process & productivity.

The strength of Belief® looks like someone who has strong, unchanging, deeply held values that guide their life.

Belief Raw: Moves away from or against those with differing values.

Belief Refined: Moves towards and engages those with differing values.

People with the strength of Consistency® want to ensure people are treated the same.

Consistency Raw: Follows the letter of the law & predictability for security.

Consistency Refined:  Follows the spirit of the law, & fairness for efficiency.

Someone with the strength of Deliberative® wants to avoid risk when making decisions.

Deliberative Raw: Cautious because I scare easily.

Deliberative Refined:  Careful vigilance that protects and prevents harm.

The strength of Discipline® is like someone who would plan their vacation way in advance, right down to the minute.

Discipline Raw:  If my world is out of order, I’m a mess.

Discipline Refined: When someone’s world is a mess, I can help restore the order.

The strength of Focus® looks like someone staring at you for a long time without saying a word.

Focus Raw: My concentration causes me to be socially & intellectually isolated.

Focus Refined: I am intentional about important priorities including projects & people.

People with the strength of Responsibility® are dependable and reliable. When they say yes, you can count on it getting done.

Responsibility Raw: Feels external pressure to do the right thing.

Responsibility Refined: Feels internal pleasure when doing the right thing.

People with the strength of Restorative® are crazy good at solving problems.

Restorative Raw: See what is wrong, but lacks the solution or effort to fix it.

Restorative Refined:  See brokenness and contributes to healing.

What is your action plan to get from raw to refined?  What’s great about having everything listed down on one location is that it makes it easier to track progress and effectively plan things out. Planning helps you prepare for the obstacles ahead and keep you on track. And with an effective action plan, you can boost your productivity and keep yourself focused.

Now that you know what each strength looks like in its raw and refined form, you have a clear direction of where you need to go.

  • Have your goals written down and planned out in steps.
  • Highlight exactly what steps you need to be taken.
  • Track your progress.

Start by asking yourself the following questions about your Executing Theme strengths.

  1. Which of your top 5 talents are too raw in the workplace, and why?
  2. In what ways does the raw talent get you into trouble? In what context does it hinder success?
  3. What knowledge, skills, and practice could make these talents more refined?

This is challenging but very rewarding work.

Are you ready to have a conversation with me about creating your action plan or how to help your team members develop their action plan?

Then schedule your free Ask Brent Anything call. Check out my website at www.brentobannon.com for more ideas and classes that will help you on that path.

 Click here if you need to purchase a CliftonStrengths assessment code for you or anyone else. I am looking forward to working with you as you grow your and your team’s strengths from raw to refined.

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